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Brainmates - Vivid Sydney – Product Mini-Conference

As product professionals, we all know that creating great products and services is not easy.
It requires a disciplined approach to understanding fluid markets and customers and to create outstanding solutions that satisfy their needs better than the competition. It requires the right mix of tools, practices, techniques, people and leadership.

This event explores the essential steps of selecting, testing and nurturing ideas from infancy to a market ready product or service. Hear from people that have delivered great products and services using a repeated practice. Some may have used a combination of lean startup techniques, design thinking and others may focus on adaptive leadership, experimentation or iterative development.

So what is the optimal mix or the secret formula for creating great products and services?
Join us at the “Essentials Steps To Creating Great Products and Services” event where you’ll gain insights, lessons learnt and hands on advice for creating memorable products and services from people who’ve succeeded at it.
Who Should Attend?
  • Innovators
  • Product Managers
  • Product Designers
  • Product Marketers
  • Product Developers
  • Strategists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Intrapreneurs

Why Come?:
  • Join us at the event if you:
  • Want to learn the methods and techniques for creating new products and services.
  • Are interested in hearing from experienced professionals who’ve been successful at making great products and services.
  • Want to make your next product or service a market success.
  • Seek inspiration to build the next great product or service.
  • Are keen on adopting new ways of doing and thinking.
  • Want to connect and network with global product professionals.

When & Where?

6 June 2014, 2 to 5 PM.
Vivid Ideas Exchange, Museum of Contemporary Art
Level 6 Terrace Entrance (Circular Quay West Side)
140 George St, The Rocks
Sydney, NSW 2000

We’ve invited people that have developed great products and businesses.

  • Henry Ruiz, Chief Product Officer, REA Group
  • Warren Wan, Product Management and User Experience Leader, Myfitnesspal
  • Lisa Wong, Director of Product & Initiative Planning, eBay Australia and Asia Pacific
  • Jane Huxley, Managing Director Australia and New Zealand, Pandora Internet Radio

The Investment

You’ll hear from 4 speakers in 3 hours for $99 (incl.GST) per person. Register here