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Mr X - Digital Sales Manager

He has progressed rapidly in his career as a result of hard work, strategic thinking and his natural leadership ability. As a dynamic and confident communicator he is able to build rapport with both clients, at a senior management level and colleagues. This has allowed him to have a strong business relationship with a number of key customers, to the point where they see him as a trusted advisor. Additionally he is able to implement strong sales strategies and solutions to support sales teams and maintain the pipeline, which has demonstrated success across a number of sales channels.  
He enjoys collaborative problem-solving and finding innovative ways of overcoming obstacles to drive his team and his brand's success. He has been a key developer of major sales strategies and negotiations for new product acquisitions that diversify the brand in a positive way.
He thrives on motivating teams of sales professionals to achieve consistently strong results. His positive attitude and ambitious approach to business has seen the teams he has led grow and add significant profit to the businesses they represent. He is keen to use his experience and knowledge to coach and mentor junior to senior sales professionals to achieve great sales results for the business and to progress in their careers. 

He is eager to bring his drive and sales and management expertise to a market leader.

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