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Top Content Editor/Producer from the UK

This candidate started her career at BBC local radio station, Radio Berkshire where she was writing and researching music and news features. After a year at BBC she then made the move into commercial radio to Capital Radio where she worked for over five years and held a number of roles including a high profile role on the Breakfast Show as a Website Editor for Capital FM from here Sarah was then made the Music and Entertainment Editor working across all of Global Radio's 42 Sites encompassing a range of varying content.

The candidate's most recent role was as content editor on working with twenty different site editors on everything from Travel to Motoring. The role was very challenging as it was dealing with multiple stack-holders with a range of Sky's brands. 

Her key strengths are great content judgment making sure things are on-brand as well as commercially driven in her own words will "get people clicking".  She is also excellent at working with multimedia content with everything from Video to Social Networking and has been trained in video editing packages An all round great communicator and writer she really is the complete package and will make a great addition to any team.

This candidate is available immediately and looking for salaries of $75k and up and is also open to contract work.

She is on a Working Holiday Visa and so would be looking for sponsorship.

Please chat to Ronnie Smith for more information on this canditate -