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Digital Media Executive - Specialising in Digital TV & Interactive Advertising

He is an evangelist and expert in conceptualising and delivering digital media and content solutions to a multitude of platforms across digital TV, Mobile and the Web. He is also a strong advocate for creating the best possible end-user experience, preferring simplicity in interfaces rather than technically over-engineered solutions. Success stories include deploying more than 60 interactive media applications globally to IPTV, Internet TV and Mobile.

His previous roles have included business unit management in major blue chip corporations as well as CEO and CTO roles in small to medium companies and start-ups. He is strategically strong, able to think through very complex issues and resolve them with simple solutions. He strives to build strong self-motivated teams who are also leaders in their fields. He leads from the front and is very confident in his ability to deliver. Seeking $200k plus package. Entrepreneurial background – previously built and sold an IPTV business to one of the World’s largest technology companies.

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