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John Butterworth and Guy Gadney, AIMIA, June 2008

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John Butterworth
joined AIMIA as Chief Executive Officer in July 2004 and has worked extensively in digital content and marketing since 1996. For a number of years John was the General Manager of online media at OzEmail Ltd and then held the roles of Managing Director, Asia-Pacific at Sabela Media, and General Manager of Decide Interactive.

John is also the founder of the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Australia and continues to sit on the IAB board.

Guy Gadney began working in new media in the late 80's. He was Head of Multimedia for Penguin Books UK in the mid-nineties before going on to produce large-scale websites for the band Oasis, the Guardian newspaper's Football and Cricket sites, and the FoxKids European internet rollouts. In 1999 he joined BBC Worldwide looking after all the interactive TV and broadband developments. While there he conceived and produced over 30 broadband and interactive projects for a variety of BBC licences including Top of the Pops, Top Gear, the Rough Guides series and Gardener's World.

After the BBC, Guy produced the online massively multiplayer game Diaspora which pitted thousands of online players against each other simultaneously, and the development of 3D games engines for PC and Playstation.