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Terms of Engagement

Terms of Business

LaVolta has differing terms of business which correspond to our various offerings and ways of engaging with clients. Detailed terms are available on request

Flexible Payment Terms

One thing LaVolta recognises is that times are tough for a number of businesses, and that even in good times, small to medium businesses can find lump sum recruitment or success fees difficult to manage within their cash flow. As a business, we came through the toughest days of the dotcom crash, so we can empathise with our clients and partners who are presently finding things tight as a result of the ‘global financial crisis’.

So for preferential clients, we are willing to spread our standard payment terms out over three months or even six months for qualifying businesses, to make the burden easier to manage. We’re finding this a popular option with clients, who need people to service their customers (or win customers) but who find the single fee a big hurdle to get over. If you would like to know more get in touch with Sally Mills on 02 8585 9100