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Search Methodology

Our search methodology is designed to generate the best possible pool of candidates and with first class client service in mind.

Glance at the headlines here or read through the full methodology further below.

Client Requirements Definition
Establish Long List
Interviews & Assessments by LaVolta Principals
Establish Short List
Interviews by Client
Offer Process & References
Follow Up

  • Presentation / credentials to client by LaVolta Principals team.
  • Preliminary discussions with client regarding project scope and method.
  • Written proposal from LaVolta.
  • Formal acceptance of proposal by client and agreement to terms.

Client Requirements Definition
  • Understand client goals and objectives for the role.
  • Develop a clear picture of the ‘context’ for the role including but not limited to client business strategy; business model; products and/or services; culture; and, organisational structure.
  • Develop a detailed position specification including reporting lines; direct reports; other resources available; objective; responsibilities and key results areas; key performance indicators; and remuneration package.
  • Develop a detailed person specification including essential (and desirable) experience, skills, personal attributes and educational qualifications.

  • Develop search plan in discussion and consultation with client. Identify sectors, competitors and target companies; geographic locations; brainstorm alternatives. Identify likely roles which candidates might currently be performing. Identify any candidates (or companies) known to client which are to be excluded. Determine extent to which the management of direct competitors are to be targeted.
  • Undertake desk research to (a) identify all company’s within search criteria and (b) to identify potential candidates within them.
  • LaVolta database search: LaVolta’s proprietary database is kept current and up-to-date based on thorough industry on-going research. It contains many thousands of executives and senior personnel working within the digital and online sector in Australia and internationally.
  • Sources search: key industry executives are approached confidentially to recommend top achievers (particularly good source of ‘passive’ candidates).
  • External database search: search candidates registered on proprietary databases, as well as profiles on web-based networking resources (such as Linked-In).
  • Aravati Global Search Network -- database search: if required, LaVolta can access the databases of its international search and selection partners to identify additional candidates from overseas. The Aravati network comprises 20 offices across 13 countries in Europe and North America.
  • Advertising (at client’s discretion): press and/or web advertising in an agreed manner. (Depending on client preference regarding disclosure, advertising can be co-branded or simply under LaVolta with the client’s identity remaining anonymous.) Develop effective, professional advertising copy in consultation with the client.

Establish Long List
  • Contact individuals on the initial prospect list by telephone to screen for (a) broad suitability and (b) level of interest. Obtain resumes and credentials.
  • Review resulting candidate pool and establish a ‘long list’ comprising 8 to 12 most promising candidates.
  • Develop a compelling ‘Opportunity Profile’ for candidates based on information determined in Stage 1. Provide to candidates on long list prior to next stage.

Interviews & Assessment by LaVolta Principals
  • Develop an interview and assessment format for the particular project based on the position description and person specification established in Stage 1.
  • Interview candidates in person or by telephone.
  • Ask candidates to undertake any written or other assessment tasks.
  • Follow up other possible candidate leads suggested directly or indirectly by candidates interviewed. Interview if appropriate. [Iterative search and lead development].

Establish Short-List
  • Rate all long list candidates against selection criteria, based on interviews and resumes and any other relevant evaluation materials.
  • Undertake informal reference checks via networks, where possible.
  • Develop a recommended short list.
  • Present short list of 2 to 4 candidates, including detailed candidate profiles, to client. [Documentation on each candidate includes a summary profile; employment history; compensation details; significant accomplishments; perceived strengths and weaknesses; assessment of cultural fit and any related issues; assessment of remuneration and non financial factors likely required to attract candidate.]
  • Contact non-shortlisted candidates, advise that they were unsuccessful and provide feedback.

Client Interviews Candidates
  • Arrange for client to interview short listed candidates at client premises, LaVolta premises or neutral location.
  • Assist with planning interview and questions if required. Participate in interviews with client panel if required (not usually).
  • Check references of preferred candidate. [It is common for this step to be deferred slightly such that some or all of a senior candidate’s references are checked after a conditional offer [which is made subject to positive reference checks].
  • Arrange additional or final interviews with preferred candidate if required (eg. with directors, peers, key reports, other relevant stakeholders).

Offer Process & References
  • Manage offer and acceptance process including negotiations, if required. [Some clients prefer to do this themselves, just keeping the consultant in the loop].
  • Finalise reference checks [if incomplete].
  • Once candidate has accepted a written offer, assist candidate with resignation advice, if required; prepare for counter offer.
  • Contact and provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants on behalf of client.

Follow Up
  • Assist successful candidate with transition following resignation.
  • Regular communication and feedback to assist settling in over the first 3 to 6 months following commencement.

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