LaVolta - Recruitment for the Digital Age

Our Value Proposition

Why choose LaVolta Principals for your search project? Here are some very good reasons:

  •  Our knowledge of the digital and convergent media industry, its business models and its trends are second to none. Why waste your time and your money on a generalist search firm, paying for their name and also for them to learn the industry and discover the people that we already know intimately? That’s definitely non digital thinking!

  • We know exactly where and how to find proven and emerging talent. But if it’s not immediately apparent, we also have the resources of the Aravati international network (20 offices, 13 countries) at our disposal to locate so-called passive and active candidates alike. Given that the cutting edge of Web 2.0 and convergent media business models are being developed in countries with larger markets (and real broadband), this is an important competitive advantage.

  • It’s cliché we know, but we partner with our clients – which is why well over 80% of our assignments are repeat business. You can have as much (or as little) involvement in the search and selection process as you care to. We’re also accountable and we provide regular and accurate reporting.

  • We’re small, clever and nimble. Our principal consultants handle every project personally. They are equity partners in the business and they deliver a commensurate standard of service and commitment.

  • We’re a people business and we look after our candidates like our clients [which is, in fact, why many of our candidates tend to become clients, whether we have placed them or not]. In any event, the Lavolta experience, from a candidate perspective, is good for your employer brand.

  • We’re confident enough in what we do to offer a twelve month replacement guarantee for all successful candidates sourced through our full executive search program (retained business).

Make contact with Harris Madden on 0403 199 138 or by e-mail for confidential discussion about LaVolta’s services in executive search and placement.