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Mindshare - a LaVolta Happy Story

Mindshare is a global marketing and media network that is responsible for delivering cross channel communications strategy and implementation for its clients.  Innovation and technology is at the heart of its mission: to create powerful exchanges between people and brands.  Therefore Mindshare has invested heavily over the years to stay ahead of the curve in order to provide clients with innovative and thought leading ideas. 

 Moving into 2010 Mindshare were looking to hire a Digital Strategy Director, a senior person who would help inspire and educate clients about new trends in digital.  They were looking for a mentor, who had a wealth of knowledge in customer engagement, insights and strategic communications.

And LaVolta was delighted to take the brief…

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Kerry at Mindshare as she wasn’t stuck on just looking at candidates from agency land, which meant we could cast the net far afield and be a lot more creative in our approach.  However, they did have some pretty strict core competencies that we needed to look for.  We were on the search for someone who was open and collaborative with initiative and drive who was an influencer of change.  Someone who was challenging, who takes entrepreneurial calculated risks and acts on opportunities.   And someone who was curious and inventive, who was actively alert to emerging trends that are not obvious to others.
And we’re delighted to announce that Trehan Stenton fitted the bill perfectly.  Previously Trehan had a wonderful career with New Zealand Post, one of the largest employers in New Zealand.  His main strengths encompassed strategy, innovation, creativity, stakeholder management, leadership and business acumen.  He held key digital, technical and sales integration leadership roles within NZ Post and his mandate was to influence change within the organisation.

Working closely with the Invention & Innovation teams across Mindshare, Trehan is responsible for providing first in class vision on all matters relating to digital strategies for brands.  It’s his role to apply creative thinking and up-to-date knowledge of consumer behaviour and how DIGITAL marketing can evolve to meet the ever changing needs of the ever powerful consumer!
A happy story for all parties involved...  and part of ‘The Happy Stories from LaVolta series’