LaVolta - Recruitment for the Digital Age

Mercer Bell

David Bell and I have a long history in brand strategy and direct response and we decided to combine our expertise back in ‘99 to launch MercerBell. Our mission was to make a measurable difference to the business and brands of our clients and we’ve been busy doing that ever since. 

MercerBell has been offering an integrated strategy for a long time but we often outsourced part of the digital component to a boutique specialist.

As the Online & Digital segment of the business was continuing to grow, we decided to bring this expertise in house and build a specialist business unit that also integrated with the main agency. This is when we briefed LaVolta and they consulted with us to define the structure and core capabilities required. I really appreciated their expertise and honesty, and they even advised us on building a smaller team than we first thought we needed, which obviously helped us a great deal. They certainly play with a straight bat!

Once we had defined the structure, LaVolta placed the Digital Director who has a great mix across technical, project management, creative, and management. They then went on to build the desired team. Culture means a lot to us, as we want everyone who works at MercerBell to have a worthwhile, enriching and personally fulfilling experience so it’s obviously important to us that we get the right personality fit as well as the skill set. We’ve now got a great digital team that works really effectively across the agency and we couldn’t have asked for more.

Nick Mercer, MD, MercerBell