LaVolta - Recruitment for the Digital Age


Austar is Australia’s second largest subscription TV operator and we service around one-third of the market. Primarily we offer digital satellite services to regional and rural Australia but we also offer dial-up Internet and mobile telephone services.

We had been looking for a Senior Product Manager to take responsibility of, which was a new position within Austar and a key role. Adrienne Tan from Brainmates suggested I speak with LaVolta as they specialised in the online and digital sectors.

The role was complex as not only was it responsible for and the product life cycle management including specification, implementation, launch and ongoing management, it also had key responsibilities to work closely cross-departmentally and that means working closely with stakeholder departments including Sales, Marketing, IT, Customer Service, Finance and Strategy as well as Product.
We went through a detailed job specification and just by the pertinent questions LaVolta asked, I felt very confident that they were the right consultancy to work with on this specialist role. I briefed LaVolta exclusively on the search and I have to say, I was very happy with the process and outcome. They provided an excellent shortlist of candidates and presented them to senior management, giving a detailed brief on each person assessing their key skills as well as personality traits and how they would work within the Austar culture. I’m delighted with the result and Michael Taylor is proving to be a great guy.

Tony Mitchell, GM of Product & Services, Austar