LaVolta - Recruitment for the Digital Age

MOBILE Marketing Expert

A Managing Director who has an in-depth knowledge of mobile marketing from handsets to applications.  She gets technology, product development right through to marketing and sales.  She has international experience across many industries and if you’re looking for someone who gets how to integrate mobile seamlessly with traditional and digital then you really should chat.


LaVolta Creative team are entwined within the digital creative industry and we get rather excited when we come across such a talented individual.  The person in question is one of Australia’s leading award-winning Advertising and Digital Creatives who is an integrated creative thinker and brand builder with an absolute passion and expertise in digital.


This candidate is passionate about businesses that produce a creative product, managing that fine line between commercial accountability, results and the creativity that a business relies on. She has 25 years advertising industry management experience with a strong operations, client management and project management background, particularly in a production context.

DIGITAL CONTENT EDITORIAL - Content Extraordinaire!

This recent import has a great content and editorial background honed with some of the best known entertainment brands in the UK. Starting his career in online journalism, his skills cut across editorial, content production, web and microsite builds and managing online communities.  He worked his way up to Digital Managing Editor with editorial responsibility across a network of entertainment websites.   

Online Content and Video Producer

Brilliant mix of Video, Content and Production with Broadcast industry experience.  From microsites and integration with the likes of Facebook and Twitter, it's not often you find someone with such a unique set of skills. He is also adept with many video editing packages and pretty nifty behind a camera.