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Tony Danker and Ian McClelland of The Guardian discuss their launch into Australia with Jennifer Wilson at the last Sydney Domain.

Tony Danker & Ian McClelland of The Guardian

Tuesday 24th September was another great evening for The Domain!  Our guests Tony Danker, International Director and Ian McClelland, Australian Managing Director from The Guardian drew a diverse crowd (if a little left leaning!) from across the industry for an intriguing look at underlying structure, philosophy and plans for expansion of The Guardian as they grow in Australia. Thanks to the excellent Jennifer Wilson of The Project Factory for conducting the interview.

Sydney FED 5th March at The Altitude Bar, Shelbourne Hotel, 200 Sussex St. 6:00 pm.

We’re very excited to have 2 international guests in town; Ian Chambers VP & MD, IGN Entertainment and Ricardo Poupada, the founder of Ricardo and Ian join Guy Gadney, co-founder of The Project Factory for a most interesting couch chat. Altitude Bar, Shelbourne Hotel, 200 Sussex St, Sydney 2000. 6:00 PM onwards.

The event is free - you just need to register here

Mark Britt and Tony Faure FED broadcast

Have a listen to this terrific conversation between Mark Britt, CEO of Mi9 group of companies and Tony Faure, Chairman of Pollenizer, Dealised and Torque - brilliant content!

Thanks to Ninefold for sponsoring the video and big thanks as always to Viocorp, Traction and Massmedia for your support. We’ll be back with the next FED soon.

All the best, Sally