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Managing projects can be difficult. Projects can vary in size and complexity so no two projects are the same. Client demands can be chaotic and hard to manage. Priorities from other stakeholders may conflict. Issues escalate affecting delivery milestones – derailing your project.

Media 2010 - not to miss event in February

Media 2010 is a one-day elite international de-brief from some of the media industry’s most influential powerbrokers. We are leaving a decade where the rapid emergence of digital media rewrote the rules for attracting audiences and running profitable media businesses.

XMediaLab - Global Media Cultures

XMediaLab Sydney Opera House “Global Media Cultures” is the must attend digital media and creative industries event of 2009. In the emerging multi-polar media world, the rise of the ‘new geographies’ and innovations in ‘new media’ are combining to create new stories, new platforms, new forms of interaction, and new opportunities for co-production.

Search Engine Room - 18th Nov

Martin Kelly brings to Sydney the popular Search Engine Room seminar on 18th November this year with a fresh theme - Traffic: Get It, Keep It, Use It.

The fast-moving program is packed with top speakers addressing key search issues, ideas, education in adition to practical search marketing and optimisation strategies.

The FED with Lars Rasmussen, Google Wave founder

To date most of our digital platforms have merely mimicked their analogue counterparts. But what if we could redesign them with a blank sheet of paper? Lars Rasmussen and his brother Jens, having created Google Maps have recently turned their attention to what may become a ground breaking new format for integrating content, communications and community.

TRAVELtech Web Awards

September 8 – marks the launch of the first-ever TRAVELtech Web Awards which feature:

TRAVELtech Website of The Year 2009 – Presented By Amadeus

TRAVELtech Top Ten Websites 2009