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Over the coming weeks we’ve got quite a line-up of Sydney FED nights.

On the 25th May John Reddin, MD of Moshcam, will be joining Mike Walsh on the infamous couch.  It’s a terrific story and for those of you who don’t know, Moshcam have the largest online catalogue of live music concerts in the world!

On 8th June, Jack Matthews, CEO of Fairfax Media Metro joins Paul McIntyre for what we’re sure will be a fascinating evening.


LaVolta & The Domain Events & our new business venture which will be launched shortly, are delighted to partner with the chaps at IT Clouds.  At last we can burn the server and not have the hassle and weekend panic when the server decides to crash! We highly recommend IT Clouds so here's a bit more about our new partners...

WEBCAST AVAILABLE - Sydney FED 4th May, Brad Howarth & Janelle Ledwidge chat with Paul McIntyre

Thank you to all who came along on Wednesday 4th May when Paul McIntyre interviewed Brad Howarth & Janelle Ledwidge about the NBN and what a faster broadband means to business, society and individuals - as well as their new book A Faster Future.

For those who missed out on attending, or for any who want to listen to the talk again you can click here to listen to the webcast!

Kiss Me Good!

To anyone who says, you can catch things by too much kissing, Samantha Sultana and Geoff Clow say, you can also cure things by kissing. Samantha, whose designs have endeared her to Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, has been a long-time collector of celebrity kisses and is now putting them to good use – to help raise funds for cancer research.