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Check out CarGrabber!

Check out CarGrabber, a very cool idea for buyers searching for usded cars online!  Launched by our friends Chris Noone and Claude Morello early December 2010, CarGrabber is pioneering a new form of online search, bringing rich new capability to the Web for consumers. It fills the gap between general search engines and individual used car websites or classifieds sites. 

Sydney FED 10th November - WEBCAST

We had a great evening with Justin Baird, Innovationist at Google. He touched on all sorts of topics from product development, high tech R&D, software development to Google’s philanthropic efforts and his own personal projects to help drive positive change through technology.

It's Freelancer Season!

As the Silly Season fast approaches, we're sure you'll be checking things off your Christmas list:

Buy Christmas tree – check! Put up Snoopy Advent Calendar – check! Deck the Halls – check!

Book freelancers to cover staff holidays – Oh sh*t, we forgot the freelancers!!!!

Cure The Bullies

The team over at SchoolAid Trust have just launched a fantastic campaign to help "Cure The Bullies"! A cyberbullying epidemic has hit our shores, threatening to infect our children with "The Bullies" - nasty, highly contagious viruses that lurk in cyberspace.

White Party 2010 - Update

The White Party is just around the corner, so we wanted to give you a little update before the real celebrations are underway! So far we've been given some fantastic prizes for the winners of the Best Dressed, many thanks to TiVo, LinkedIn and Nestle for their generosity.

Welcome Adam!

We'd like to welcome Adam Miller to the LaVolta team.  Recently from Vodafone, Adam has a background in training, HR and recruitment.  Adam will be looking after all client service requirements for Agencies which includes Client Service Directors, Strategists & Planners.  He'll also be focused on helping media and PR companies grow their digital services across online, mobile & convergent media.

We also thought it would be helpful to let you know what the rest of us do around here.

10 thousand Trees - Making Paper a Sustainable Resource

We know us digital folk are trying our best but for mother nature it's not fast enough!

And that's why Lavolta has partnered with 10 Thousand Trees in its efforts to make a positive footprint on the environment and it gels well with our ongoing initiatives to be environmentally friendly.


Why do we do this?
We're involved in the media industry where 1 billion newspapers, 130 million books and 200 million magazines are distributed yearly in Australia and OK that's changing but not fast enough!