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Best wishes to our Emily & Sophie – 2 of our lovely digi chics!

Cheers to Emily ...who got married last week that looks after us all, runs the White Party, helps manage the FED & The Domain, does loads of other stuff like our newsletter and bakes the most wicked cup cakes for us.

And hugs and much love to our Sophie who is going on maternity leave but she'll be back, well hopefully!  In the meantime please get in touch with Steve, Adam or Sally for all marketing and eComm related queries.

The Cloud Nine – Why Web Services Are Changing The Way We Work.

An interesting read from Mike Walsh..."My clients often ask me which web services I use and why. At first, I advocated the Cloud as a way of saving money and avoiding cruel and unnatural suffering at the hands of in-house IT. But after a while, I realised that the most disruptive impact created by the Cloud was not the death of traditional software, but rather a potential transformation in the way we work, collaborate and engage with clients.


One of the most interesting questions concerning the rise of China is how soon it will start to create its own global brands. The cultural stereotype is that the Chinese are good at copying brands and products, but not so great at inventing their own. But from Haier to Li Ning, there is increasing evidence that globalisation is becoming a priority for mainland companies not only as a strategy to access new markets, but more importantly, to gain the cachet necessary to ensure victory on their own shores.

SMART WEB rebrands Donna Hay

Big is not always better… says Ridoutt. When it came to pitching to redevelop Donna Hay's website, Smart Web Marketing director Paul Ridoutt says he simply channeled the food guru’s signature style: "It was all about simplicity; we definitely honoured her aesthetic to get the gig."