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FOR HIRE - Office Manager Extraordinaire

Our resident office manager Emily is relocating to Melbourne and is looking for a new team to look after!

She would be well suited to a funky digital, creative or ad agency, or as PA to a busy MD, CD or Exec who needs someone to keep them organised.

At LaVolta she has been responsible for organising the 2010 White Party at Ivy, and our regular FED and Domain networking nights. In previous roles she has also arranged interstate seminars and client training.

MercerBell rebrands FED & Domain

It's all TOP SECRET at the moment, but we wanted to let you know that we are working with MercerBell who are currently wrapping up creative concepts for a new FED/Domain website!

We can’t show you yet, but it looks fantastic and its launch will see the FED and Domain brands joining forces to become bigger and better.

Watch the latest Sydney FED webcast! Jack Matthews CEO Fairfax Media Metro Division chats with Paul McIntyre.

Thank you to all who came along on Wednesday 8th June when Paul McIntyre interviewed Jack Matthews CEO of Fairfax Media Metro Division.

Fairfax has managed to hold onto its most important digital asset in Jack Matthews but how does a businessman with no particular ‘print experience’ find himself in charge of two of Australia’s oldest editorial institutions, the Age and the Sydney Morning Herald?

For those who missed out on attending, or for any who want to watch the video click here.


LaVolta & The Domain Events & our new business venture which will be launched shortly, are delighted to partner with the chaps at IT Clouds.  At last we can burn the server and not have the hassle and weekend panic when the server decides to crash! We highly recommend IT Clouds so here's a bit more about our new partners...

WEBCAST AVAILABLE - Sydney FED 4th May, Brad Howarth & Janelle Ledwidge chat with Paul McIntyre

Thank you to all who came along on Wednesday 4th May when Paul McIntyre interviewed Brad Howarth & Janelle Ledwidge about the NBN and what a faster broadband means to business, society and individuals - as well as their new book A Faster Future.

For those who missed out on attending, or for any who want to listen to the talk again you can click here to listen to the webcast!

Kiss Me Good!

To anyone who says, you can catch things by too much kissing, Samantha Sultana and Geoff Clow say, you can also cure things by kissing. Samantha, whose designs have endeared her to Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, has been a long-time collector of celebrity kisses and is now putting them to good use – to help raise funds for cancer research.

Hungry Castle presents: Big ideas & beautiful things

Dave Glass started Hungry Castle with the desire to bring the playful and creative nature of his many art projects to his work for clients. 'The basis of everything we work on is the idea’ he says, ‘we don’t limit ourselves by thinking of the medium at first, we create what is beautiful and interesting. We've surrounded ourselves with talented, highly skilled people who have the capacity to realise our creations'.

FOURTH ESTATE DOMAIN - Development Partner Needed

We're looking for a Web Development partner for The Domain events Sydney & Melbourne! The creative concept work has been completed and we’re now looking for a Web Development partner to build the front end with typical skills across HTML, CSS, JavaScript/AJAX, Flash/action script. Just so you know the site will have a heavy use of JavaScript and we’re looking for someone who is very familiar with AJAX integrations.

For the back end development we’re looking for naturally CMS experience with scripting language of your choice and JavaScript/AJAX.

SYDNEY FED 19th April - Dean McEvoy CEO

Thanks to all who came along to the Sydney FED on 19th April, when Dean McEvoy of joined Brad Howarth on the infamous couch! Dean hit the big time earlier this year when the group buying site he cofounded was sold to Yahoo!7 for an estimated $40 million.

Brad Howarth spoke with Dean about the path to Spreets, his life as an Australian-based entrepreneur and his thoughts for the future evolution of online applications and services.

Quiip: Online Community Management & Moderation

Do you need help managing your brand's online engagement strategy?

Often touted as free social media is a resource-hungry medium. Businesses often find themselves challenged to manage user-generated content around the clock. Are you participating effectively to build a loyal & engaged community? Are you moderating content in line with legal, brand and user risks?