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The Digital White Party Christmas celebrations!

We know it’s a tad early for this but it actually takes some organising and we’re particularly committed to making this one fantastic as it’s a bit special to us - it’s The White Party’s 10th birthday. So please get in touch if you are keen to sponsor the party in one form or another as we need your support to make it a real doozy.  We’ve locked in the Sydney date for Thursday 29th November - location secret!

Digital Bullets Series 3

We’re about to kick-start our 3rd series of Digital Bullets and we'll be interviewing some leading industry figures, asking each one to give us a twenty second response to a series of topical questions focused on issues, predictions, challenges and opportunities for the digital sector.   Then on a regular basis we’re going to release a Digital Bullet, a sizzling little web broadcast featuring punchy and diverse ’20 second points of view’ on the same topic --  from the intellectual property and patent wars, x-platform content, apps, to the NBN and more…

Greg Dwyer joins the team at LaVolta

We're delighted that Greg joins LaVolta as Digital Director.  We've known Greg for many years and his addition to our team considerably strengthens our offering while maintaining our culture.  Greg has formerly been founder and managing director of Happener - respected as leaders in technical recruitment and accepted as part of the digital industry through deep community involvement.  A geek himself, Greg brings a passion for digital and strong knowledge along with extensive local recruitment experience gained over 15 years in the sector to the team.   His strategic approach, broad knowledge and networks across technology and business are a real plus for us.

Introducing iWin Promotion Management.

As you know, here at LaVolta HQ we’re always eager to support new business initiatives so we’re delighted to give a gratuitous plug to an old friend of LaVolta!  Introducing iWin Promotion Management, a new business which develops innovative and interactive online and social media competitions and promotions.

Ideas are the new currency. Digital technology is blurring boundaries. The next generation are emerging. Be part of creating social change.

We recently met the two founders of I-Manifest and think everyone creative should know what they are trying to achieve.

I-Manifest empowers underprivileged and rural teenagers by exposing them to a realistic future in creative industries.  In Australia today, particularly in underprivileged and rural communities, there is still a strong perception that creative jobs aren’t ‘real’ jobs. Many teenagers are never exposed to the possibility of a creative career because the emphasis is placed on other areas such as agriculture, trades and sport. Many talented creative young minds are left either dis-engaged in the education system or ostracized from their family and peers. With intervention and exposure to creativity I-Manifest can expand the horizons for these students, keeping them on track so they can be the best they can be.

The Social Side Of Trust - From Mike Walsh

Getting a little help from your friends was easy enough for Lennon and McCartney, but in an age of Google Circles, Facebook lists and Twitter followers - it is far from clear what friendship actually means. Worse still, marketers are muddying the waters. Brands used to want to brainwash us - now they want to be our friends. But consider this for a moment. What if social marketing was not about getting your customers to like you on Facebook but rather fixing a much bigger problem? Namely, trust. Read more...

TechConnect 2012

TECHCONNECT 2012 is an event to inspire technology entrepreneurs to succeed! It will explore how you become world class and manage the challenges and opportunities involved in becoming one of Australia's big success stories. Attend to learn from the experiences and perspectives of successful entrepreneurs who have done just that!

ThoughtWorks Live, Continuous Delivery.

ThoughtWorks Live is an invitation-only event for senior IT and business executives that is not-to-be missed. Our newest additions, Eric Ries and Daniel Oertli, are joining other business leaders and IT executives, including Jeff Smith (Chief Executive Officer, Suncorp Business Services, Suncorp), Bjarte Bognes (VP Performance Management Development, Statoil - Scandinavia's largest company with $80b in revenue) as well as thought-leading ThoughtWorkers, Jim Highsmith and Jez Humble.