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2010 Amber Awards Winners!

We were delighted to attend the 2010 Amber Awards as it’s an area that we’re most interested in, we’re certainly doing a lot more work in eComm and eServices in general.

The AMBER awards (in their 2nd year) are recognition of excellence in eServices and highlight the leaders in Australian eCommerce and a big congratulations to all of the winners for 2010!

Watch the webcast: Nick Leeder Dep CEO The Australian chats with Paul McIntyre

We had a most enlightening FED night recently when Nick Leeder, Deputy CEO The Australian chatted with Paul McIntyre on the infamous couch.

We heard about the development of The Australian's successful iPad edition and why some of The Australian's competitors' applications aren't so successful. What's happening at the frontline of Rupert Murdoch's push to get consumers around the world to pay for content?

>> Watch the webcast.

Welcome Ronnie!

From the UK, with a BA (Hons) Business Economics from Kingston University, we're delighted to announce that Ronnie Smith joins the LaVolta Digital team working across our creative services business.

Digital Bullets 2010 #16: Social media - Should brands be hyperventilating if they haven’t got a strategy?

Everyone these days seems to be a social media expert. Is social media genuinely a development that has fundamentally changed the way brands must engage with consumers, or is it just a minor nuance in the digital story?  What do you see as being the big developments in social media in the next year or two?  Should brands really be hyperventilating if they haven’t got a social media strategy or is that a lot of hype from so-called experts with a vested interest in selling brands their services?

Finding Minority Passive Investors

SMEs including technology and digital media businesses have typically approached venture capitalists and similar sources for start-up and early stage capital. Mark Morris of Finascor says there is now an alternative which is simpler and more sympathetic to the needs of entrepreneurs. Finascor focuses on raising capital for growth oriented SME’s via the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB).

Digital Bullets 2010 #14: Cloud Computing - what are the major developments and implications?

We’re told that very soon we’ll be living in a world where everything we do in computing, including data and applications on our mobile phone, will come down from the cloud when we turn on and go up to the cloud when we switch off. Google apps are just the beginning. Not only that, but that any single user can in theory draw on massive storage capacity or processing capacity available in the cloud. What do you think the major developments and implications will be arising from cloud computing?