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Technical Manager

LaVolta’s newest client is the wealth management arm of one Australia’s top four banking institutions; which manufactures and administers a variety of financial products through consumer distribution businesses...

Mobile Monday Melbourne

This month the MoMoMelb Team are very excited to present a special and timely event on the topic of Mobile Games. Why timely, you might ask, well, here's a Quick quiz - Which is the #1 iPhone App world-wide right now? The Answer?...

FED chat with Ed Smith CCO News Digital Media

What a great night we had at our previous FED where we were joined on the couch by Ed Smith Chief Commercial Officer at News Digital Media. Ed Smith joined News Digital Media in January 2007 as Chief Executive Officer for Soon after he moved into the role of CCO drawing on his strong sales and marketing background.

Digital Bullets - a controversial new series

Weekly ‘Digital Bullets’ launches. See what 13 of the industry’s leading lights have to say on industry issues and developments. Thanks to John Butterworth, Dominic Carosa, Martin Dalgleish, Adam Dunne, Tony Faure, Steve Fanale, Paul Fisher, Guy Gadney, Lee Stephens, Hannah Schwartz, Liam Walsh, Jennifer Wilson and Jenny Williams.

LaVolta's got Principals

Since Harris came on board and we started our executive search practice around two years ago, it has gone ahead in leaps and bounds and now accounts for around 40% of our business. In fact, it’s going so well we’ve decided to give the exec business its own brand – LaVolta Principals.