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XML Sydney Film Festival - Serious Games Lab

June 12th-14th: On X|Media|Lab’s sixth anniversary, they return as part of the Sydney Film Festival with a stunning program. In partnership with ABC TV and Screen Australia initiative, XML Sydney “Serious Games” enjoins documentary filmmakers and game makers to produce groundbreaking new ideas about creating new forms for documentary and factual content.

Brand News Travels Fast - Wed 24 June Sydney

Will you ever eat pizza or use mouthwash again? Word-of-mouth has been electrified through the rise of social tools on the Internet. New channels have arrived in the form of micro-blogging, video and online news but the real changes to PR have been influenced by the medium itself. From broadcast to conversation; Hours to seconds; Formal to casual; Local to global.

5 Star Sparkling Spa Stimulus Package

Relax, revive and refresh all your senses with one of ChampagneWorks fairy tale pamper palace sessions on the waterfront, in the expert hands of the industry's best hair, beauty and make up professionals at Del Aqua, hosted by leading independent Champagne specialist Champagne Jayne.