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Search & Email Marketing Manager $130K +Superannuation + Bonuses. Financial Services; SEO; SEM; Email Marketing.

In this newly created role you will own the development and implementation of the SEO, SEM and Email Marketing strategies for our client, a financial services powerhouse.  Enjoying full support from senior management and marketing teams and lead by an inspirational digital head you’ll be the lead on Search and Email marketing initiatives with a focus on ensuring an effective return on these marketing investments and playing a key role in attraction of new B2C customers.

Digital Bullet 6 - Agencies

The advertising landscape has changed radically in the past ten years. Not only has a massive part of the overall annual advertising spend moved online, but within that time digital marketing itself has also morphed and changed. While banners and e-mail campaigns still exist, search engine marketing, social media marketing, content marketing are now all part of the mix. Measurement, which used to be imprecise, is now much more possible and use of data is now crucial. What does all this mean for advertising agencies? How is their role changing? Will they still occupy the same prominent place in the value chain in five years time? How many different kinds of agency does a brand need to have?

  Thanks to Feverpitch Entertainment for their help with this series.

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Digital Bullet 5 - eCommerce

We seem to finally be witnessing a genuine move towards e-commerce amongst Australian consumers. It has caused a lot of pain for some of our traditional bricks and mortar retailers. What are the trends you see for consumer e-commerce over the next few years? Do department stores like David Jones really have any value proposition to offer customers in the online space? Is the GST really an issue pushing online shoppers off-shore or are most people still buying from local vendors anyway? Will we see more brands selling direct to consumers online or will large consolidated e-tailers evolve to dominate the market?

  Big thanks to Feverpitch Entertainment for all their help on this series.

Digital Bullet 4 - Apps

Apps have become an extraordinary area of innovation in the past few years, initially triggered by the capability of smart phones and more recently the tablet. There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps available for iOS and Android users in particular. The rise of the ‘app-economy’ has given huge power to gatekeepers like Apple that approve and distribute apps and then take a big cut of any revenue generated from them. Is this proliferation and excitement around apps just a brief fizz in a bottle or is it genuinely the beginnings of a trend that will turn the digital world in significant new directions? Where do you see apps going in the next few years? What are the significant trends to watch? Will so-called ‘web apps’ take over from ‘native apps’?

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CLOSED - eCommerce Manager B2C eRetail & multi-channel

Newly created role to spearhead the B2C eStore of this global brand.  We’re looking for someone with a strong eRetail background with multi-channel experience. Would suit someone entrepreneurial who can work in a corporate environment, someone who is a creative thinker, good at problem solving and a strong influencer of change as there are multiple stakeholders involved.