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Essential Digital Project Management course - Melbourne 30th April

If you are new to digital project management or need a refresher on project business practices, then check out Essential Digital Project Management.  It’s an intensive one-day workshop that gives you the theory combined with practical tips and tools to manage large and small web, mobile, ecommerce projects and campaigns. You’ll learn through a combination of case studies, exercises and role play, and receive tips on how to limit scope creep and change requests, how to recover from problems, ways to mitigate and manage risk and essential PM tools and documentation.


Vishy Narayanan runs the workshop and it’s a great course that we’re very happy to support.

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Technology at LaVolta is growing

LaVolta isn't known for recruiting in the technical space, however we have been successfully growing our practice in senior technology recruitment since Greg Dwyer joined us as our Digital Director in July 2012.   Greg brings over fifteen years of recruitment experience in digital and technology and a large established network of senior experts across web technologies.  

We have filled key technical roles such as Technical Director and Head of Technology in both agencies and clients direct and are building out teams beneath these individuals to support the growth of new development divisions.  We are interested in partnering with more clients for similar projects.  Predominantly our clients are using Microsoft Technologies with enterprise class CMS and have a focus on utilising the latest in front end technologies (strong JavaScript skills are in high demand).  Many established properties are undergoing significant development leveraging the best of their legacy systems in conjunction with newer technologies. PHP is still in demand but seeing less use on new projects except for prototyping.  Edge and innovation projects are commonly using Ruby on Rails and more clients are open to exploring the use of new technologies in their businesses.  

Executive National Digital Marketing & Online Sales Manager – B2C Financial

A terrific role for an Executive Digital Marketer who will lead a digital team that delivers change to effect results and sales. Senior level salary + generous bonus -- think start-up but within a major corporate -- they have huge growth plans for the digitisation of their business and with the recent appointment of their new Head, they’re on a mission to re-define their products and channels to market with the focus on digital marketing to increase B2C & B2B sales. 

Digital Bullet 11 - Monetizing Facebook

The IPO of facebook on the Nasdaq last year created quite a bit of controversy, particularly about the company’s relatively high valuation. Investors lost money and the company has been trading at around 60% of its listing price. Facebook been endeavouring to sell as much media inventory as possible to create a strong revenue stream but this is not proving as easy as anticipated. Facebook reportedly has around 850 million users worldwide, and almost 11 million users or around 55% of the population here in Australia. Does the future of facebook lie in selling media? If you were CEO, how would you try to monetise all those users? Are there other viable business models?

  Thanks to Feverpitch for all their help on this series.

.NET Developers

It seems like every second client we talk to is looking for a solid smart and passionate .NET Developer or two.  As such, we have a range of exciting opportunities for experienced and professional senior web applications developers with a strong C# and ASP.NET Skills coupled with strong front end development skills (HTML/CSS/JavaScript). 

Product Manager - International Market Leader

Exciting times in this major brand as their new services and products come to market.  Join and take responsibility for define their product offering and work with internal teams to support successful launches and product growth.  Candidates with a strong digital skillset and experience in hosted solutions or cloud applications would be highly regarded.  Perhaps you've worked in telco, media or Saas and are seeking a chance to take a more responsible role in product management and development.  

Digital Bullet 10 - The Future of Publishing

We’ve recently heard a lot about News and Fairfax having to cut back staff, with both of those organisations now firmly focused on trying to find a digital future for themselves. But the debate about which business model will prevail for digital media publishing still goes on – some publishers are having success with pay walls and a subscription model for content. Other publications are sticking with an advertising supported model. In five years time, will newspapers and magazines as we know them survive in print form or will they simply have either died or morphed into a digital-only form? Will the digital format be predominantly ad supported or subscription? What will the market look like?

  Thanks to Feverpitch for all their help with this series.

Sydney FED 5th March at The Altitude Bar, Shelbourne Hotel, 200 Sussex St. 6:00 pm.

We’re very excited to have 2 international guests in town; Ian Chambers VP & MD, IGN Entertainment and Ricardo Poupada, the founder of Ricardo and Ian join Guy Gadney, co-founder of The Project Factory for a most interesting couch chat. Altitude Bar, Shelbourne Hotel, 200 Sussex St, Sydney 2000. 6:00 PM onwards.

The event is free - you just need to register here

Digital Bullet 9 - The 2nd Screen

An interesting trend that has emerged in the past few years is the role of companion apps on a second screen. People are watching something on TV and using an app, usually on a tablet, to add another dimension to that experience. Seven has Fango, Nine has Jump-in, Ten has signed with Zeebox and the ABC has recently upgraded its iView app. So far, the primary function of these apps is to create greater audience engagement by enabling social media conversations about the show and to let users get more content and information relating to what they are watching. Do you think the second screen will become mainstream television viewing behaviour in Australia? Will the experience mainly remain social and informational as it has to date or will it go in other directions? For example, will e-commerce and the ability to instantly buy things we see on screen become important?

  Thanks to Feverpitch for all their help with this series